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How will my donations help?

Take action for the oceans today and join the Direct Action Crew!


Your monthly gift can help keep Sea Shepherd on the frontline of marine conservation:

  • $25 can support onshore operations to rid our oceans and waterways of plastic pollution;
  • $30 can support operations to defend critical whale and marine wildlife sanctuaries such as the Great Australian Bight;
  • $50 can support operations to defend sharks and the critical role they have been playing for over 450 million years in keeping our oceans healthy;
  • $100 can support international operations to combat illegal fishing on the high seas;
  • $500 can support operations across the Sea Shepherd fleet activating our mission to defend, conserve and protect oceans and marine wildlife worldwide.


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What's Included In The Dac Program?

Donate Monthly
As a member of the Direct Action Crew you will receive:

Exclusive content & discounts on merchandise and help Sea Shepherd stay on the frontline in the battle to defend the world's oceans!

Direct Action Crew receive:

  • Welcome pack including an exclusive Direct Action Crew bumper sticker and key chain
  • Subscription to our monthly enewsletter, The Tide
  • Annual campaign updates
  • Invitations to special Chapter events
  • Discounts and special offers during the annual Ocean Defence Tour 10% off at the Sea Shepherd online estore, available to Direct Action Crew donating $30 or more, per month
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Current & Past Campaigns

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Operation Apex Harmony

Defending, conserving and protecting sharks

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Hector's Dolphin Defence Campaign

Operation Reef Defence

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Antarctic Whale Defence Campaigns

Our fight to end illegal whaling

Operation Kimberley Miinimbi

Defending the Kimberley

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Operation Driftnet

Shutting Down a Fleet of Illegal Driftnetters

Operation Icefish 2014/15

Chasing down a notorious poaching fleet

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