Five ways to help get Queensland's #NetsOutNow

Tuesday, 14 Sep, 2021

As marine life continues to be cruelly killed by Queensland's shark culling program, discover ways to take action to get the #NetsOutNow. 

Recently, a young whale caught in a shark net off the Gold Coast made headlines around Australia. While rescuers worked for two days to free the whale, it was ultimately released with a length of anchor chain and three deflated buoys still attached. Distressed and confused, the whale is known to have turned back north and was most recently spotted off Mulgumpin/Moreton Island. Our concerns are for the survival of this beautiful, young whale.

This is yet another tragic outcome of Queensland's cruel and indiscriminate shark nets that injure - and even kill - not just whales and sharks, but turtles, dolphins, rays and other marine animals too. We urgently need these deadly nets replaced with modern technologies designed for beach safety to protect beachgoers and our precious marine wildlife.

The good news is that these pointless and destructive nets could be pulled out tomorrow, and as citizens, we have the power to make that happen. Here are five ways that you can take action to help get #NetsOutNow.

⁠1️⃣⁠  Email the Queensland Fisheries Minister

Join over 8,000 people in sending an email to the Queensland Fisheries Minister letting him know we would like to see the immediate removal of shark nets for the whale migration season as a first step to permanent removal, and a long-term replacement of the program with modern, non-lethal shark bite mitigation technologies like drones.

⁠2️⃣⁠  Write a letter

If you've already sent an email, you can double your impact by sending a hand-written letter to show you really mean business, and are prepared to do more than just click a button. Take the time to put your message into your own words, because what you have to say matters. And by drawing on your own experiences, It will be a lot harder for the Minister's office to ignore. 

Write to the QLD Fisheries Minister at:

Hon Mark Furner

Minister for Agricultural Industry Development and Fisheries

Address: GPO Box 46



Unsure of what to write? Download our letter writing tips!


⁠3️⃣⁠  Volunteer

Operation Apex Harmony is our campaign to defend, conserve and protect sharks and shed much-needed light on the destructive nature of state-sanctioned shark culling programs through investigation, documentation and publication. 

If you're in Queensland, get involved by applying to become an onshore volunteer with Sea Shepherd. If you're in another state, consider volunteering in your hometown and helping to raise awareness about the issue.

And stay tuned for beach actions as COVID-19 restrictions allow!



⁠4️⃣⁠  Watch and learn

To stay motivated and inspired, it is important to keep sight of the fact that we can win this. Watch our explosive documentary The Shark Cull to find out how public pressure brought Western Australia's controversial Shark Cull to an end in 2014. 

Soon to be released to an Australian streaming platform is the must-see new documentary about shark culling in Queensland and New South Wales: Envoy Shark Cull where you can find out all you need to know about this archaic program, and other actions you can take to get the #NetsOutNow. 

Check back for updates about its release or watch the trailer below. 

⁠5️⃣⁠  Spread the word

Queensland’s deadly shark ‘control’ program is purposefully kept out of the public eye, and that’s why it’s so important we help spread the word about what is the longest marine cull in history. Show your support and share the message with your friends and family by updating your Facebook profile picture with our #NetsOutNow frame. 

Together, we will keep fighting until our precious marine wildlife is protected from this slaughter. Take action today.

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